Dr Melissa Jardine’s research interests include:

  • Southern Policing
    • Southern Theory (e.g. Connell, R.)
    • Southern Criminology (e.g. Carrington, K. et al)
  • Police culture (e.g. Chan, J.)
  • Policing and law enforcement in Asia
    • Vietnam specialist
  • Police professionalisation, recruitment & education models
  • Police reforms
  • Ethnography
  • Qualitative & mixed research methods
  • Law enforcement & public health
  • Harm reduction approaches
  • HIV prevention
  • Women in law enforcement
  • Gender
  • Counter-terrorism in ASEAN
  • Transnational crimes


  • ‘Sleeping with the enemy? Engaging with law enforcement in prevention of HIV among and from injecting drug users in Asia’, By the Law Enforcement and Harm Reduction at the Nossal Institute (LEHRN) Partnership, HIV Matters, Vol. 2, No. 1, August (2010) 
  • Jardine, M., Crofts, N., Monaghan, G. and Morrow, M.  (2012). Harm reduction and law enforcement in Vietnam: influences on street policing. Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:27 
  • Jardine, M., Khuat T.H. & Nguyen, V.A. 2012, ‘Case Study: Methadone maintenance treatment in Hanoi, Vietnam’. Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:26
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  • Riley D., Thomson N., Monaghan G., & Jardine M. (2014). Training manual for law enforcement officials on HIV service provision for people who inject drugs. Vienna: UNODC. 2014. Available from: https://www.unodc.org/documents/hiv-aids/Lemanual/LE_Manual_on_HIV_services_for_people_who_use_drugs.pdf
  • Crofts, N. & Jardine, M. (2016). ‘The role of the police in the HIV response: the Law Enforcement and HIV Network (LEAHN)’ Australian Federation of AIDS Organisation
  • Jardine, M. (2018) Gender equality and the role of women in policing in Vietnam. The People’s Police Journal No. 3(13). Ministry of Public Security. Hanoi. 2018.
  • Jardine, M. (2018) Researching gender and law enforcement as public health input. Journal of Community Safety & Well-Being, August 3(1) 
  • Jardine, M. (2019). Women in Law Enforcement Institutions in Five Mekong Countries (Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia & Lao PDR). Bangkok: UNODC & UN Women. Forthcoming.

Research dissertations

Doctor of Philosophy
Faculty of Law
University of New South Wales 2019
Research dissertation: Policing in a changing Vietnam

Master of Philosophy
Nossal Institute for Global Health
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences
The University of Melbourne 2013
Research dissertation: Law enforcement and harm reduction: influences on street policing in Vietnam

Master of Asian Studies
Faculty of Arts
Monash University 2006
Research dissertation: Economic crimes and the death penalty in China